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Golf Course Marketing Tips

8 Proven Ways to Collect Golfer Emails Part I

From working closely with our customers we've found effective ways to fill tee-sheets, increase revenue, sell lessons, and build your collection of golfers' emails.

Customer Success Stories

Along the way, our customers have had some incredible success stories.  We encourage our customers to use proven tactics.  One of these is to create online forms to collect golfer data.  Forms are simple and effective to implement.  One of your primary goals should be to increase the size of your email database.  You want to use both your website and your marketing emails to promote these data collection points. Make sure that every page of your website and every email contains links to your data collection forms.

We want to share with you some simple proven ways to collect emails and other demographic data from golfers and increase the size of your email database:

1.  The Amazing Power of Contests

TapIn provides a ready-to-go assortment of proven contests:  March Madness and the 4 Major Golf Tournaments.  These five contests generate a tremendous amount of excitement and participation.  You’ll find that golfers share the entry forms with their golfing friends and the contests go viral.  These contests have proven to be the single most effective way of increasing your email database with new golfers.

One of our customers garnered over 3,000 new, qualified emails with a single contest.

2.  Opt-in and Referrals

In your marketing emails and online forms, provide links to forward them to a friend.  Include links to subscribe to future emails or e-Newsletters.  If you use marketing emails sign-up forms, for newsletters, tournaments or specials --and you should -- always provide a link to forward it to a friend.   

3.  Loyalty, Frequent-Golfer or Members-Only Programs

These programs are easy to set up and reap instant rewards.  Make “Membership” meaningful by offering specials or discounts that are only available to email subscribers.  Not sure how to do it on your website?  TapIn can show you how.  Give us a call.

4.  Social Networking

Sign up for Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.  Offer an opt-in form on those sites and then reward those who sign up with specials of some kind:  gifts, discounts, early tee time sign-ups, etc.

We like to think that we care as much about your golf course as you do.

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Next week:  Part II: 8 Proven Ways to Collect Golfer Emails